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Designing editorial for an article about Loyle Carner where he discusses his ADHD.

a layout for an interview with Loyle Carner about his ADHD

A handmade book made alongside a stop-frame animation about women's roles in Russia.

Northern Quarters is a brass quartet based in Manchester.

HEYDAY festival is a project in collaboration with The Modern World design studio. We created the idea for this festival for adults to get the chance to try new hobbies and socialise without children present. Having hobbies and socialising are said to improve mental health and post-covid it is even more important to renew these past-times. The festival would pop-up in a residential area and last a day. Local food and drink places, hobbies and musicians would be part of the event. There would be live music, competitive ,creative and unusual hobbies meaning there would be something for everyone.

Poster for HEYDAY festival
HEYDAY tote bag
HEYDAY tote bag
HEYDAY tent sign
HEYDAY banner
HEYDAY redwineglass
HEYDAY program 1
HEYDAY program2
HEYDAY program3
HEYDAY program4
HEYDAY program5
HEYDAY coasters

Reply All is a pop-up community letter exchange, designed in collaboration with Hallmark and RNIB to improve community cohesion and change social attitudes through communication. The pop-up would appear for events or periods such as PRIDE month, Valentine’s day or New Years and encourage strangers to write letters to their community sharing thoughts and stories. By building a network of anonymous connections community pride and cohesion would improve. Reply All pop-up is designed to be accessible with options for recording and listening to messages instead of writing and reading, and assistive technology guiding partially-sighted people to and around the site. Animated ident:

RA ident
RA print poster
RA web1
RA web2
RA web3
RA web4

Inside the Cell is an immersive space design for an exhibition which highlights the injustice of the wrongful convictions in Mississippi 'Parchman' Prison. The song 'Early in the Mornin'' plays within a cell as projection-mapped on the walls, tallies are drawn along with the hit of the axe. These tallies each represent a month of wrongful imprisonment served by Levron Brooks who served 16 years. I designed a Concept Manual to be given to curators or funders of the exhibition. There is also an Experience Guide to aid understanding and the process of the immersive space.

24 Hour project led by Ian Anderson. Proving pointlessness of paper cranes.

Catalogue of moments of joy in the film Amelie. A3 paper handcut


In the process of creating something there are always off-cuts, rejects, drafts and mistakes. Across the years as creatives these non-pieces accumulate and are often forgotten. But there are things to discover within the pieces we forgotten, the shadow narrative of our creative practice and life. Beautiful Mistakes celebrates the trials and tribulations of documenting moments, the hope and excitement of film photography and character that is created in the process.

An app to assist with processing grief.

the motions : the app tailored for your grieving journey
recipe display on motions prototype